Extend Benevolence

Original Song Title: Mercy
Original Artist:

Kanye West - Mercy

Original photo by Jason Perrse

Luxury sports car, extend me your benevolence
Your female companion wants to have oral sex with me
Situated in this vehicle’s confined space
With your female companion who is offering sexual advances

[Verse 1: Big Sean]
Accelerate, causing the car’s rear-end to quiver
Driving is like sexual intercourse that resembles seismic activity of gluteus maximus proportions
The Murcielago’s behind is large enough to be a construction site, even for a mansion
I can prepare my marijuana cigars upon this expansive backside
Not having to work in the daytime we can make merry
My employment involves working after dark
With the fruits of my labor I will pursue tropical travel
Peers are lacking respect for my talent, I need an automatic weapon to extinguish their pessimism
In Paris I drink Perrier
Amongst Caucasian female politicians like Sarah Palin
Smoking excessive marijuana while having intercourse in California
I offer her my penis as well as my Detroit roots


[Verse 2: Pusha T]
I appear on television between 7-10pm, I attract many ladies
With my vast earnings I can purchase fancy leather and jewelry, a la Rick James
I spend copious cash on my lady friend’s drug habit
I join her in taking Ecstasy
She would love to add to her shoe collection , but she really needs to pay her bills
The profits from cocaine sales are audited on a scale
My jewelry is so elaborate I catch rubberneckers looking at me
My expensive timepiece is elaborate and accurate
I am sexually versatile, my hairline extends past my temples
The cocaine that enters our nostrils is top-grade only
My Lamborghini transports me quickly


[Verse 3: Kanye West]
Raise the vertically opening car doors
I installed vertically opening doors on the tour bus
I also put them on the private jet
Those doors signify I am really cool
I walk into the recording studio with confidence
I announce my baseline income
My colleagues don’t possess my level of cultivation
I prefer emphatic bass
I prefer not to fraternize with the paparazzi, but I appear in print media
My lady companion is far more attractive than the obese movie star
She has a preference for marijuana, not Ecstasy
Under the influence the party becomes an abstract painting
Party attendees are getting into the spirit
I can afford to purchase a whole apartment building, not just a unit
Peers raise their level of esteem by association
In attendance are lawyers and peers wearing flashy basketball shoes

[Verse 4: 2 Chainz]
A condiment to my contribution is a light yellow-colored sports car
My in-flight meal includes marijuana and champagne
I deliver rap lyrics with head spinning speed and pounding rhythm
With stacks of money I have sexual intercourse with your lady friend, who now needs to make amends
The highest quality black diamond jewelry
Record sales trophies on the wall all around me, collaborating with Kanye
Vehicular force increases while wearing Ralph Lauren
Sixteen ounces of marijuana costs $4,000 but I can afford it and my lady friend would more
Money keeps coming in affording me the ability to purchase expensive cars
My lady friends are not from the U.S., and my income if stacked, would equal a tall basketball player



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2 Responses to “Extend Benevolence”

  1. Avatar of r3bb

    r3bb says:

    May 16th, 2012 at 8:25 pm

    “my income if stacked, would equal a tall basketball player”


  2. Avatar of crackerize

    crackerize says:

    January 9th, 2013 at 11:26 pm

    “My in-flight meal includes marijuana and champagne”

    Lucky bastard! ;)


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