A New National Anthem

Original Song Title: Made in America
Original Artist: , ,

Kanye West - Made in America lyrics

Original photo by Jason Perrse

[Hook: Frank Ocean]
And I shall sing the praises
Of Martin Luther King, Jr.
And his wife Coretta Scott King
And of Malcolm X
And his wife Betty Shabazz
And of Mary and Joseph
And the baby Jesus
Who all made it in America
Sweet baby Jesus
Sweet baby Jesus

[Verse 1: Kanye West]
And I tried to convince my mother
That I was on the verge of musical success
And she told me I needed to pursue education
But that she would let me try to make it work
During the summer break in classes
And then she met the mother of a producer
Who was nicknamed No I.D.
And she secured his phone number
Now she drives a HumVee
And everyone strives to get a good beat
And I gave some of mine away
But I kept some of the best
For my very own albums
And I’m looking at swatches
Trying to create a fabulous fashion line
And I started a blog
Just to get a few people to read it
And so many people read it
That it overwhelmed the internet
And they mocked me on South Park
Because I love fashion
But now all of the musicians design clothes
And we all wear fine fashion
And we ignore what they say about us
We don’t think about clothes just for the runway
We really wear these odd outfits


[Verse 2: Jay Z]
And I pledge allegiance to my grandmother
Due to her scrumptious banana pudding
Which was our taste of Americana
And just as apple pie is a constant to some
So was cocaine adulterated with baking soda
In our household
The mixture was a staple that helped us
To make ends meet
And that’s what we made in the kitchen
While Grandma got her sleep
And this is the foundation
Of my economic security
I’m trying to lead a nation
And I want to leave a legacy for my son
Or for my daughter
And so now I am cooking up new things
And I’m trying to realign the scales of justice
And I’m trying to balance the factors in my life
And all of a sudden my grandmother
Would come into the kitchen
And ask about the smell
And I’d tell her it was just water boiling
Quite disreputable, it’s true
But I was raised in trying economic circumstances
And I gained liberty by preparing drugs for sale
And hopefully God understands and forgives
And I pledge allegiance
To all who struggle to survive
This is our Star Spangled Banner



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2 Responses to “A New National Anthem”

  1. Avatar of crackerize

    crackerize says:

    November 1st, 2012 at 12:49 am

    I want some of Jay-Z’s grandmother’s banana pudding!

    Avatar of PrestonPuddlestomper

    PrestonPuddlestomper Reply:

    It sounds like they had a very busy kitchen!


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