Slap My Hand in an Urban Gesture of Unity

Original Song Title: Black Hand Side
Original Artist:

Pharoahe Monch - Black Hand Slide

Original photo by Trace Meek

[Refrain: Phonte]
Please allow me to enter your domicile
Instruct us, and educate us in a religious fashion
About our possible spiritual transgressions
And allow crimes against yourself to go unchallenged
And let us unite as people who all share
In an African-American pigmentation
And slap my hand in an urban gesture of unity
With all five of your fingers on my black hand
Oh yes, with all five of your fingers on my black hand

[Verse 1: Styles P]
Slap my hand in an urban gesture of unity
With all five of your fingers on my black hand
And I will let you know how I view the world
From my perspective as an African-American male
And we see ourselves as driving expensive automobiles
With gorgeous women inside of them
But in reality we are the casualties of urban violence
We are the homicides, and our women are addicted
And we’re rooting for the villains on television
And we’re on welfare, because of our skin color
We’re poor, and we stay that way
And we carry drugs around the neighborhood to sell them
And you need to see the overview and not just the details
And in the disadvantaged urban neighborhoods
We feel like animals subjected to experiments
And we hoped that voting for Obama would change things
That he wouldn’t put up with such a reality
And that was also my hope for him
And I remember the odors of imprisonment
I remember the unpleasant ways that law enforcement
Tends to treat people such as myself
And I try to sink into an alternate reality
When I smoke illegal substances
So please slap my hand in an urban gesture of unity
With all five of your fingers on my black hand
And now I would like Pharoahe Monch to share his thoughts on the subject

And I am like a native American, I make it rain money
But I don’t share it with women who work in strip clubs
Because it might deepen their sense of degradation
And I would like to make things better instead of worse
I learned as I was raised to keep things simple
And so I shall explain it to you in easy terms
As in the beginning levels of a video game
And the kids of today will murder for jewelry
And leave their victims where they were shot in their fancy cars
And then blithely smoke illicit cigarettes and eat breakfast
And then they wonder why their life is so hard
And they glorify violence
They should look to the African-Americans
Who first won Oscars and Grammys
Instead of these posers, who are spiritually inferior
And who claim to present urban musical poetry
But who really only make pop music
And people say I am noble because
I remember the past enslavement of the people
And I see how shallow our current life has become
In our rough neighborhoods
We should respect the single mothers
Whose children die in our urban warfare
So slap my hand in an urban gesture of unity
With all five of your fingers on my black hand
Let’s all dance together like they did on the Soul Train program
And those would be my suggestions



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4 Responses to “Slap My Hand in an Urban Gesture of Unity”

  1. Avatar of crackerize

    crackerize says:

    November 6th, 2012 at 9:51 pm

    “Please allow me to enter your domicile”

    I wish that’s what my parents woulda asked back when I was little kid!

    Avatar of PrestonPuddlestomper

    PrestonPuddlestomper Reply:

    That’s what my dad said. I thought everyone’s father said that.

  2. Avatar of serena.d

    serena.d says:

    December 5th, 2012 at 10:58 pm

    I just envision the awkwardness that is fancy handshakes, they’re like first kisses.  Do I just shake it?  Are they gonna pound it and then explode it?  So many possibilities!

    Avatar of PrestonPuddlestomper

    PrestonPuddlestomper Reply:

    I know! Where does the pinky go? Are they going to slap so hard you need to go to the doctor? And you’ve got to get the timing just right or you do that weird “swing and a miss” thing.


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