Tanqueray and Lime

Original Song Title: Gin and Juice
Original Artist:

Snoop Dawg - Gin and Juice

Original photo by DaveOnFlikr

Because of all the trouble in Long Beach California
It is hard to just be me
I still figure it out
And I stay the same, a little on the wild side all the time
Do you mind if I sing a little song for all the bad guys out there? (yeah)
So I can make a bit of money as I hang out a bit
At 2 o’clock in the morning the party is still going strong
Because my mother is not at home
I have some young ladies in the living room who are ready to have sexual intercourse
They are going to spend the night and leave in the morning
What would you like to do? My goodness
I have a log of condoms here and so do all my friends
So why don’t we turn off the lights and close the door
Of course we are not in love with the ladies of the evening
So we will smoke a lot of marijuana
Everyone who is a trouble maker needs to leave, but the ladies of the evening can stay and everyone else can just go home

I am going down the street smoking some very high quality marijuana and drinking Tanqueray and lime
I am relaxed, just thinking about all my money

[verse 2]
Because I have some Tanqueray
Everybody is asking for some but does not want to pay for it
This is how it always goes
You should get your own, I paid for mine
It is all very nice when you hear me singing
I sing songs everyone likes to listen to
You can listen to the words of my song
While I go for a walk and have a little drink
Then I will play some head games with a young lady named Sadie (Sadie?)
Who used to date one of my friends (that is not nice)
I will be very smooth when I tell her very politely
That she should not try to get me sexually excited because I am not going to have sexual intercourse with her
I will just hang out with some of my friends
You nasty girl, I do not need you


[verse 3]
Later on that day
My friend Dr. Dre stopped on by with a big bottle of Tanqueray
He also had a large marijuana cigarette that was so strong it made me cough until I choked
My goodness but it was some very high quality stuff
I had to take a little break and even quit drinking
Tanqueray and marijuana; yes I am very high indeed
That doesn’t mean that I cannot still sing though
Dre went to get a few young ladies from Compton
They did what I told them to do but they were not virgins
And as soon as I reach orgasm I am going to leave
Please do not get upset, girl, That is how things are
I do not fall in love with ladies of the evening, it is time for me to leave


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One Response to “Tanqueray and Lime”

  1. Avatar of crackerize

    crackerize says:

    February 4th, 2013 at 7:35 pm

    “My goodness but it was some very high quality stuff”

    Well that’s all that matters. ;)


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