A Bedtime Story

Original Song Title: Children's Story
Original Artist:

Slick Rick - Children's Story lyrics

Original photo by poopenheim


Uncle Ricky? Could you read us a bedtime story?
Please? Please?
Alright, you kids get in bed while I get the storybook.
Is everyone comfortable?

Here we go
Once upon a time, but not too long ago
When people stayed in their pajamas all day with nothing better to do
When the laws were strict but fair
And everyone obeyed the laws the way they were supposed to
There was a little boy who was led astray
Another little boy had some bad ideas and told the first boy
“I have an idea on how we can make some money, Ty
We will steal it from the elderly and run away”
It was not hard for them to do, they stole the money easily
They found it so easy, it became something they did all the time
They stole from more people and more people and even some younger people
Then they tried to steal from an undercover detective
The detective caught him and he went crazy
The detective told him to stop going crazy
He then punched the boy and slapped him
The detective did not know the boy had a gun
The boy pulled out the gun and asked why he had been slapped
The gun was pointing right at the detective’s kidneys
The Detective was scared, and the boy started to think
He knew he would end up in jail if he used the gun
He wiggled away and ran around the block
The first detective sent an alert to a woman police officer
The boy ran by a tree and saw the woman police officer
The woman shot at him and he shot back but he missed her
He looked all around to see if he had gotten away from then
He headed to the subway station
She was on his trail so he made a left hand turn
He kept running as fast as he could until he ran out of breath
He ran right into an old man, he hit him so hard he thought he had killed him
Then he ran up the stairs to the top floor
When he got there, he was not alone
There was a man, Dave, using a needle to give himself some drugs
Dave was very dirty and had not bathed in a while
The boy told Dave he needed more bullets and to get out of there
Dave had a shotgun ready for just such an emergency
The boy tried to leave but the place was crawling with police officers
He was able to sneak into a car, a car that had been stolen
He left in a hurry, going 83 miles per hour
Then he crashed into a tree by the university
He managed to get out of the car that was destroyed
He used the shot gun to make the police take cover
When he ran out of bullets he was still going crazy with the excitement
He grabbed a pregnant lady as a hostage and pulled out his first gun
He put the gun to his head and told the police it was loaded
He told the police to leave the area or he would kill the woman
He knew he was doing the wrong thing and could not do it
So he let the woman go and tried to run for it
The police cars were all over the place and had him surrounded
He knew he had no chance so he dropped the gun and gave up the fight
Unfortunately there is no good end to this story
The young boy was only seventeen and got stuck in a bad situation
The police shot the boy, I will never forget how he screamed
There is nothing funny about this story it is not a big joke
I hope you learned something about taking the wrong path
Either do as you should or you will end up dead

Good Night


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2 Responses to “A Bedtime Story”

  1. Avatar of r3bb

    r3bb says:

    May 10th, 2012 at 10:10 pm

    It’s like a whole new story! ;)

  2. Avatar of crackerize

    crackerize says:

    December 10th, 2012 at 10:19 pm

    AH, yes — the perfect story to fall asleep to. 


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