That lady has a massive buttocks

Original Song Title: Baby Got Back
Original Artist:

Sir Mix a Lot - Baby Got Back

Original photo by nickgraywfu

Oh My Lord !
Rebecca behold that woman’s derriere!
Its quite disproportionate to her frame ! (scoff)
She bears resemblance to a female companion of one of those hoodlums that use verbal urban lyrical poetry.
Who can conceive the perceptions of those hoodlums that use verbal urban lyrical poetry at any rate. (scoff)
They only converse with that woman due to the fact that she portrays herself as a loose lady who accepts money for deviant sexual acts
Do you understand my meaning ?
I am just stating that her back side is severely immense
I am not able to understand how it is that globular !
It is overtaking an abundant amount of space.
I am repulsed ! Survey it !
That lady is clearly of African decent !

(Sir Mix-a-Lot)
I desire enormous keisters and I am not able to speak falsehoods
All you other gentleman can not disagree
That when a young lady promenades into the room with microscopic mid section and a rather large spherical derriere
You become sexually aroused, and want to commit deviant oral sex acts upon it as you are well aware that her buttocks is extremely engorged
Overflowing the denim trousers that she is currently wearing
I am captivated and I can not pry my eyes in another direction
I profess to you woman that I desire to be your gentleman caller and take candid sexual pictures of you
My closest and dearest male friends try to forewarn me about this woman, though those enormous hindquarters you have woman, makes me very sexually stimulated
Oh the smooth skin on your buttocks
You professed your wish to take a lovely cruise in my Mercedes Benz ?
Appropriately take advantage of me, take advantage of me !
Because madam you are not the typical immorally loose woman I frequent
I have gazed upon them gyrating, disregard any thought of being romantic
She is secreting through her pours leaving her saturated in moisture, She has many attractive features not unlike a turbo charged corvette
I am irritated with magazine publications, falsely stating that woman with procumbent back sides are the standard now
Ask any male of African decent what he prefers
He will state that she must have a gargantuan gluteus maximus

Hence I call upon you gentleman ! (aye) gentlemen ! (aye)
Does the woman you reside with have a gigantic keister ?
Tell that woman to gyrate it ! (gyrate it), Gyrate it ! (gyrate it)
Wobble that wonderfully robust back side !
That lady has a massive buttocks !

(Woman has a face like she is from Los Angeles but the hindquarters of a woman from Oakland)
That lady has a massive buttocks !

(Sir Mix-a-Lot)
I prefer my ladies buttock to be spherical and colossal
and when I am preforming
I am unable to contain my lust and attraction which makes me resemble a beast
Now here is the scandalous thought I am entertaining
I want to abduct you and get you to my domicile
and make grunting sounds, and then double the grunting noises
I am not speaking about the popular publication of playboy
As fake body parts make of silicone are not wanted, silicone is best used in playthings
I demand that a woman’s back sides be unmistakably fleshy and succulent
So attain the most mouthwatering buttocks
Mix-a-Lot is in trouble
Craving to have sexual relations with that woman’s very large derriere
As I am watching rock and roll videos on my television
I see many woman with their knees angled together promanading like street walkers
You can keep your street walking woman
I’ll keep my woman with obesity
I would like to have a chat with my obese fellow African woman, I want to be your gentleman caller
I will not curse at you or physically assault you
I do however have to tell you my intention is to have sexual relations with you
Until the night breaks way to dawn
This woman has what everyone wants
Many simple men will find this song distasteful
This is because they are not real men, they only had sexual relations with these types of woman then disappear on them
As where I would rather have sexual relations many times with these types of woman
This is mainly due to the fact that I have a very long male member and I am very physically fit
I am here to create sexual friction
So ladies! (aye) ladies! (aye)
If you would like to take a lovely cruise in my Mercedes Benz (aye!)
Then please be so kind as to turn with your backside facing me, and make your buttocks stick out towards me !
Even men with pale skin who are of European decent must agree!
That lady has a massive buttocks !


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2 Responses to “That lady has a massive buttocks”

  1. Avatar of crackerize

    crackerize says:

    January 24th, 2013 at 6:33 pm

    LOL! Great post — you definitely got several laughs out of us!

    Avatar of Amy

    Amy Reply:

    thanks :) lol i was worried cause it was my first attempt at this 


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